My Music Experience

Ricky Martin Concert in La Paz, Bolivia

Sponsorship manager in charge of searching and negotiating sponsors. Managed to land deals with Hipermaxi (supermarket chain) and Coca Cola. I was also in charge of managing top clients relationships and coordinating the involvement in the marketing campaign of other sponsoring companies such as Samsung, Pollos Copacabana (fast food chain), Banco Mercantil Santa Cruz (Bank), Alianza Seguros (Insurance Company), and Multicine (Shopping Center).Each sponsor with unique requirements and partnerships developed during the marketing campaign and on the day of the concert.

Videoclip India Mamba “Women of the Moon”

Co-writer, director and producer of the videoclip by the Andean Neo Soul artist India Mamba. I was in charge of developing the script, envisioning the mis-en-scene and finding resources to do the project.