My Journalist Experience


ATB Bolivia

Intern news reporter for ATB News in La Paz, Bolivia. I was in charge of covering and editing news on divers matters such as: sport, culture, social, political and health for the midday and night newscast.

Getting ahead of Carnival
No Morgue in El Alto:
Inaguration of Anti Human trafficking office between Bolivia and Brasil:
The Ghost of the National Theatre:
The March of the Handicap:
Digitalization of National Real Estates:
Request from the Municipality to the Minibus Drivers:
Life after the Landslide:
Life after the Landslide 2:
Dimmision of School Principal:
Destruction of the school CISE:
A Day in the life of a Blind Musician:
Car Crash:
Accused of Mal Praxis:
The merchant of Alasitas
The Tin Can Welders:
Defender of the Town


CNN Chile

Internship at CNN Chile as a news reporter. Covering and editing diverse matters such as politics,sports and religion. Amongst my most distinguished contributions were the exclusive interview to the Archbishop of Santiago, expressing his opinion about the dimmision of Pope Benedict XVI and coordinated an interview with Bolivian former President Carlos Mesa to speak about the capture of 3 Bolivian soldiers in Chilean territory.

Interview Archbishop of Santiago
Interview Carlos Mesa Former President of Bolivia:

2013 – 2014

ATB Notice Spain


International news correspondent in Madrid, Spain. Covering news from Europe as well as the activities of the Bolivian community in Spain. I would also be in charge of interviewing Bolivian Ministers and Top Executives in their visit to Europe.

Inti Raimi in Madrid
Manifestation against the King
Bolivian Minister of Economy Luis Arce in Madrid:
The Day of the Sea in Madrid
Contest Juancito Pinto
Iberoamerican Deal for Social Security
Voting System in place
Bolivian Carnival in Madrid
Bolivian Quinua in Madrid


ATB Bolivia Argentina

International news correspondent in Buenos aires Argentina. Covering news from the Bolivian community in Argentina.Interviewing Bolivian Politicians and Top Executives in their visit to Argentina in a year of political elections.

August 6th in Buenos Aires
Bolivian Peregrination in Lujan
Apthapi at the Cabildo
Argentine Blind Theatre visit to Bolivia